The Jack Bradley Experiment

I'm conducting an experiment... Can I, the little high schooler from Illinois, turn my 500 shirts into 1 Million? I'm trying to create a "positive virus" through the use of T-shirts. It is a giant game of TAG (TeeTag) that will span across all 50 states. I have passed out 500 shirts to all walks of life: Family, Friends, Neighbors, Badger Fans, People I Admire, Sports icons, Hawkeye Fans, TV personalities, Strangers, and 3 people that, quite honestly, scared me a bit. These 500 people are the "Seeds" to my experiment. DO NOT BREAK THE CHAIN!  My Dad says I can't do it - I say I can...

I WILL NOT REST UNTIL 1 MILLION PEOPLE ALL ACROSS AMERICA HAVE BEEN TAGGED!! All in order to help raise money for kids who have lost a parent to CANCER.

I've created TeeTag in order to make a difference in many children's lives. This project means the world to me and it starts with you!

Tag You're it!

Jack Bradley

Learn more about my personal story and inspiration behind the creation TeeTag.