I am excited to announce that the first child TeeTag is helping raise money for is a girl named Vera Duffy. Vera actually goes to my high school and she is a current sophomore. She recently lost her mother this past year to Breast Cancer. Vera has the most sweet and kind heart and I am blessed for the opportunity to help her :)

The goal is to raise $5000 through TeeTag which will then be allocated and distributed to Vera's education future through a local non-for-profit I am partnered with

Below is Vera's personal story and more about who she is...


My name is Vera Duffy and I am 16 years old. I was born in Russia. I do not remember anything about my biological family. When I was three, my sisters and I came to the United States and was adopted by a wonderful family -- a caring father and loving, trusting, supportive mom. 

My mom, Karen, was my guidepost for every decision I made. She filled our house with friends, love, arts, and books. Thanks to her I have a passion in my life -- horseback riding. While I ride the whole world disappears. I feel wind in my hair, and freedom in my heart. I have no worries, and my spirits soar. Every so often, my mom would come and watch me ride, always supporting me. 

Unfortunately, last Thanksgiving my mom passed away due to complications from breast cancer. This was the greatest loss of my 16 years. My lifeline was irreparably severed or so I thought. But my mom lives on through my memories, her enduring love, and the many interests she inspired in me. She is with me when I ride, or when I look at a particularly vibrant, colorful painting. When I encounter a difficult decision I look inside myself and ask what would my mom do and without fail I hear her voice telling me, guiding me, and gently encouraging me to do the right thing. 

My mom's biggest legacy is her courage. Courage to experience the world and beyond, courage to try new things just because they are unknown, and courage to accept anyone and everyone for their differences and unique points of view. I hope to become a person my mom is proud of, a person full of loyalty, tolerance, and courage. 

Thank you for reading my story, and your kindness and love means the world.