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If you receive a shirt - Tag! ... You're it!!!

Tag Somebody!

Purchase a shirt(s) and give/send to someone. DO NOT BREAK THE CHAIN! Your act of kindness can lead to so much more :)

Who to Tag?

Family, friends, neighbors, colleagues, a secret crush, a stranger, the kid ignored at school, etc... Anyone!

Don't want to buy a shirt?

Make a Contribution! Jack will personally tag/spread shirts to people across the country on your behalf. Jack will not rest until 1 million people have been tagged!!!

Start Your Own Chain!

You DONT have to be tagged by somebody to play TeeTag! Start your own chain! You're small act of generosity could lead to so many more tags beyond yourself!

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Grace, Virginia

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My Mission

My Mission is to tag 1 Million People across America in order to help raise money for kids who have lost a parent to CANCER.

20% of every shirt sold & Contribution from TeeTag will go to an educational fund to support their future plans

Vera Duffy (Recipient)

TeeTag is currently raising money for Vera Duffy. Vera is a 16 year old sophomore who lost her mom to Breast Cancer last November. Read more about her story and who she is below :)

Jack Bradley, 18

Learn more about my personal story and motivation behind TeeTag